Bridge Loans

BridgeHBS Finance offers borrowers an immediate financing alternative for short-term needs. We are able to quickly underwrite situations where a complex/distressed ownership or special circumstance real estate transaction presents an urgent capital need requiring a timely response often times to capitalize on a marketplace or economic advantage.

  • Discounted Payoff Financing
  • Note Acquisition Financing
  • Note Portfolio Financing
  • REO Acquisition Financing

– Purchase, Refinance or Cash-out Refinance
– Commercial, Multifamily, 1-4 Rental Units
– Financing in the name of Corporations, LLC or Trust
– No Prepayment Penalty Option

Commercial Bridge Loan Lending
Structured financing, customized for value-added projects nationwide.
Property Type
Class I: Multifamily (5+ Units) & Mixed-use
Class II: Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self-Storage, Automotive Services
Transaction Type: Property Acquisitions, Repositioning & Recapitalizations
Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 to $7,500,000
Max LTV/LTC: 70% / 75%
Minimum FICO: 650
Rate: start from 8.50% (depends on loan size and LTV)
Fixed Period: 2 & 3 year options
Amortization/Term: Interest only / 2–3 year initial term, with 12 month extensions
Extension Terms: WSJ Prime + 4.50 %, floored at initial fixed rate
Rate Caps: 2 % first adjustment, then 1 % periodic 2 % annual – 6 % life over start
Prepayment Penalty: 5 % for 1 year. No penalty thereafter.
Future Advances: Yes, available for all related hard & soft property improvement costs
Proforma DCR Requirements: Class I: 1.20x, Class II: 1.25x
Recourse: Generally required, depending on leverage, sponsorship, & capital structure

Other Bridge Program Guidelines:
– Experienced sponsorship required
– Good Faith Deposit required for third party reports
– Lender to order all appraisals through preferred network
– Impounds for property taxes and insurance required
– No secondary financing allowed
– Extensions subject to no events of default & property review
– Nationwide program, major metro areas preferred

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